Affordable and Economical Starter Business Websites

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Our research tells us that there are lots of companies out there that need a very basic starter web package. Possibly something that just sits on the chosen website address until a more full internet plan is formulated. Or to populate a web address that has been bought to block a competitor from pinching the name.

A Bright Future Websites Web Starter gives you more than that though - this is a place where potential customers can go to get more information about your company. It is ideal as a backup for all the other advertising that you do as it allows them to see more information and gives them a chance to easily get in touch via the email form.

Web Starter Main Features

  • Inexpensive
  • Small set-up fee followed by affordable monthly payments
  • 5 usable and useful pages
  • Home, contact and three other pages included in the price
  • Quality images used in design
  • Contact form delivers to your chosen email
  • 1 email address included in the price
  • Ideal first or starter website

If your company is contemplating making the move online and you think that this service might suit your needs please contact us.