e-commerce imageAre you looking for an e-commerce solution? Are you looking for a cost-effective e-commerce solution? In fact, are you looking for the perfect e-commerce solution? If the answer to these is ´Yes´ then welcome to Bright Future Websites, the home of the affordable e-commerce solution.

With more and more pressure on businesses to have an e-commerce internet presence an effective e-commerce solution can easily become cost prohibitive. Also if your website is not found in the search engines then however sophisticated it is and however much it may have cost, it is not going to generate any business. There is every possibility that you are already in this position with an existing website.

What will Bright Future Websites do for you?

We will provide you with a fully functioning, fully branded, catalogue style website with full e-commerce functionality comprising shopping cart and payment gateway, The website has a very simple to use administration system whereby you can add to, or change the range of product being sold and you can also amend prices whenever you want, there is even a page for ´SALE´ items. We will help to choose and provide an appropriate Domain Name, we will host the website and we will be on hand to offer advice and technical help in the unlikely event of you needing that. All you need to do is keep your catalogue and pricing up to date and watch the sales come in, as we say ´the perfect e-commerce solution´. If that is not enough Bright Future Websites KNOW how to open up your products to a wider audience by calling on our expertise in search engine optimisation. Our staff have many years experience of driving websites up the search engines and we can do it for you. Did we just say ´the perfect e-commerce solution´, this is not just a perfect e-commerce solution, this is a perfect business solution.

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